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Recently, there's been a newly-opened (and first ever in my country) Forever 21 shop here. It's not that in the photo (I WOULD LIVE THERE IF IT WAS). I've been there twice, and I've realized it's hard to step in Forever 21 without any money. Not that I didn't have any, but I didn't have much. Oh, the joys of a student allowance. I did manage to buy myself some stuff like a shirt and a teacup ring. After my exams, I will go back. Any suggestions on what I could buy? I took a look at their website and I was in love. :( This is my reward, then, for myself after hell week. I WILL BE BROKE ONCE I GET OUT OF FOREVER 21. Broke. Now if only they'd set up an H&M store here! Or at least someone get me a large suitcase and a plane ticket to New York or Tokyo or something. ;)
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